I am a small town girl with a lust for life and what it has to offer.

Hey PALS,  I'm Alyse LAKEMAN

and I help the nervous nelly feel how much fun + meaningful a photo session is by having a blast and letting the session be guided by the vibe of my client so they can look back and LOVE not only the photo, but the feeling. 

I remember being nervous as heck to take someone’s photo when I first started. I would ask my friends to let me take their photos in my backyard, because I was too nervous to go anywhere else and openly shoot! But now after many years of seeing people admire their own beauty, uniqueness, and new gained confidence, I have an addiction with zero care where the shoot is as long as the smiles + laughs are flowing! I can’t even wait for you to feel that same way!


I am 29 and refuse to call myself “middle aged”, the acceptance has not happened yet - So I'll just say that I am YOUNG and fun. I am a proud cat Mom of 2, Gary and Milo who will always have the final look at all my images before sending. I am a lover of a good dad joke, watching comedies, and being silly with my pals.

Picking up a camera + embodying my visions has been such a life changer, and something that is authentic to me to my core. I live everyday authentically, and make sure to love every minute of it because time flies, and we are the pilot!

The opportunities that I get from this dream job are things I truly never thought would be possible! Meeting every new client and getting to know them is truly a dream. Having met + photographed some of my fave celebrities from The Bachelor + Bachelorette, Country Music Artists, and inspirational speakers have resulted in many “IS THIS REAL LIFE?!” moments!

I am a small town girl with a lust for life and what it has to offer. 

I went from photographing friends in my backyard sitting against the fence, flowers in my garden, and frost on my front hedges to having the confidence and ability to guide people to showcase that beauty + embody their authentic ways that results in an unreal photo session! 



Patio drinks anyone!?

 On an evening or day off, I love having a crispy cold white claw or a glass of wine with my fave people! Add a bbq, music and a little sunset - it's the best night!


 I am a HUGE goofball,

if i’m not saying something silly, i’m laughing. Always laughing. Life’s too short to be serious all the time!


I grew up in a small town 

of 500 people and will forever prefer the country over the city. I did work downtown for 9 years, but the location was not by choice! 10/10 will not be going back there.

a few fun facts

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